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Tag Archives: Hot Hunks

What better way to start a day than to get some linky love going on a pervy session. Hot Hunk Thursday (I sooo prefer the title “Hot Hunk Thrustday”) is the brain child of the mad knee-capping goddess of something or other, Widdleshamrock. To take part, just leave a piccie of your lust of the week and let us know why he is deemed as such.

While watching a bit of the old rugger the other night, I suddenly realised that the All Blacks are blessed with many hunks. It’s not just the game we’re watching…. 😆

Hunky hunk

Not sure if it’s the reserved country boy you see in the interviews, or the more…. ahem…. forceful man around the paddock *snigger* that gets the juices flowing, but flowing they do. I’ll leave you with that thought….