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Don’t you love it when the mailbox gives you Happy mail? You know the sort… actual mail and not just junk or bills. Actually junk mail is almost all that arrives in my letter box these days seeing I get the bills via e-mail. You begin to realise how electronic our communication has become when the box receives nothing along the lines of actual paper with actual words written out by an actual person.

So imagine my surprise when today’s postie leaves me a big envelope. And it’s not marked from Open Poly. Cos I still haven’t finished my assignment yet so there is no way they have sent my result back.

I head inside and open it.

It is a HUGE friggin poster of… the Crusaders! Woohooo! And even better, it’s been written on: ” Happy Birthday from Richie and the boys”.


Now, as much as I would like to believe that hunky hunk forever known to the mad girls in the Coven as the “McCaw Burger” has read ma wee blog {Hi, Richie!!!} I’m fairly certain that it is not so. And even if he had read the wonderful tribute to his gorgeousness, I’m even more certain he does not know when my birthday is. {It’s next Wednesday people!!}. So who the hell sent me such a vision in the letterbox??

And yeah, even is Richie is reading my blog and he figured out my birthday, this writing is way too girlie for me to think for a second that it ’twas him that sent me some love.

Sigh…. that dream is over in a nanosecond.

So I don’t know how this heavenly item has fallen into my hands – but thank you Postie!!