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Yes! It is that time of the week again. Our Hot Hunk Thursday fix was started by the lusty lovely Widdleshamrock – and you too can join in the fun by heading over there and telling her where your lovely pervy pics can be found!

So in fairness to the ANZAC traditions in the past few weeks, after offering up Richie last week, I’ve taken a peek at what the Western Isle has to offer. Can’t say I found too much – but then I could be looking in all the wrong places. I did find this wee speciman that fit the criteria somewhat:

And while Clint Schifcofske is indeed a fine Rugger Hunk, I’m afraid I have to insist that Richie has it all over him.

So in order to help with the HHT search along some, I have to go back to my happy place and there he is… who could resist?? Ahhhhh…. pull up a chair, and ummmm…. relax with the very, very lovely David Boreanaz….. I’m sure you’ll enjoy 😉