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Category Archives: Random Thoughts and stuff

Life gets too busy sometimes. Don’t you hate when real life justs gets in the way of blogland??!

So amongst the real life cow pat that I seem to be wading through right now, I’ve neglected all sorts of things. Like the offerings of Hot Hunks for the lusty one aka Widdleshamrock. Sigh, but the real excuse there is that I’ve been so overwhelmed by the Happy David Day offerings from like a month ago, I haven’t managed to exit that world yet! 😆 Can never have too much of the lovely David now, can we??

The other BIG thing I neglected was to submit in triplicate and I believe, also in blood, my application from leave from the coven this week. Not a good look for the apprentice. The lovely ladies from the coven have been there with support and chaos and I forget to notify them I’m outta here. Tsk tsk.

So while I’m away having a spot of girly whirly fun, I’ll have to come back and grovel like mad I fear….I think I’m going to need to take advice on how to suck up! Crap!!


Yes it is the birthday of the woman that brought me into the world. Undoubtably kicking and screaming. I still hate to be woken – so let that be a warning to those of you with cell phones and little ones that like to play with these pieces of technology.

Where was I?

Oh yes, rejoicing in the birthday of my mother.

The woman that fucked me up completely. well as best as she could. Cos thankfully I still have a brain and managed to get out from under all that psycho-babble bullshit that some parents just love to shove on to their kids.

And to be fair, I have to acknowledge that some peeps have far worse parents than I did. But still, when I look back on all the stunts and shit that mother-dearest pulled on this sweet girl it makes me mad.

She wonders why I don’t call her regularly like the little sis does. Ummm gee, could be something to do with the fact everytime I call I get a sermon on how long it has been since I last called. She hasn’t quite figured out that the length of time only gets longer rather than shorter despite the whining and whinging. It could also be something to do with the fact I’m an independent woman that has never needed to hear her voice 16 million times a day in the same way lil sis does. Or the fact I got wise to the way she managed to convert her insecurities into my problem somehow.

Still, the woman is my mother and without her, I could not be here. And the world would truly be a lesser place if that was the case.

It would be, people – trust me!

So happy friggin birthday mother dearest.

And you better not friggin forget mine this year.

I must be – I’ve gone and started this blog. We’ll see what pops up here.