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Life gets too busy sometimes. Don’t you hate when real life justs gets in the way of blogland??!

So amongst the real life cow pat that I seem to be wading through right now, I’ve neglected all sorts of things. Like the offerings of Hot Hunks for the lusty one aka Widdleshamrock. Sigh, but the real excuse there is that I’ve been so overwhelmed by the Happy David Day offerings from like a month ago, I haven’t managed to exit that world yet! ๐Ÿ˜† Can never have too much of the lovely David now, can we??

The other BIG thing I neglected was to submit in triplicate and I believe, also in blood, my application from leave from the coven this week. Not a good look for the apprentice. The lovely ladies from the coven have been there with support and chaos and I forget to notify them I’m outta here. Tsk tsk.

So while I’m away having a spot of girly whirly fun, I’ll have to come back and grovel like mad I fear….I think I’m going to need to take advice on how to suck up! Crap!!



  1. no amount of sucking up after the event is going to help you now


  2. I picked up Master 6 from school.

    He enjoyed his field trip.

  3. I picked up Master 4 from Kindy.

    It looks a lovely place.

  4. Master 6 fell off our trampoline while I was in the toilet.

    There were 4 on the tramp and the rule is two.

    I offered to give him a kiss better,but he said no thanks.

  5. WGO & Master 4 were on the little tramp together having fun.

    Master 4 wanted to get off, and I carried the two of them inside.

    I kissed WGO and said I love you and she said ‘I love you Mummy.’

    I then kissed you son, and said ‘I love you Master 4.’ and he smiled and said ‘I LOVE YOU WIDDLE SHAMROCK.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Your son loves me again !!!!


    He’s so gosh darn cute.

  7. So, did you remember everything ??

  8. Pack everything ok into the car??

  9. Celtic Dingo is showing Master 4 how to use the computer.

  10. Master 6 went to watch Celtic lad at soccer practice.

  11. Soccer was cancelled.

  12. So are ya missing ya family or too busy having fun??

  13. Morning….

    When you come back, will you be saying ‘This one time, at scrap camp….’

  14. When you talk about the apprentice, I think of Donald trump…..

    ‘You’re fired.’

    • Anja
    • Posted June 6, 2008 at 1:41 pm
    • Permalink

    Hang on. Did WS bury one kid in a field and drown another in the toilet while there was a tramp watching?

    Gebus, tell Mr. S. to stop parading around wearing a feather boa while you’re drowning the kids.

    It’s just so wrong to get horny while you’re doing a spot of killing.

    • Anja
    • Posted June 6, 2008 at 1:43 pm
    • Permalink

    “This one time, at scrap camp?”

    Oh yeah, bring it on. This should be good, and pretty pictures as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. โ€œThis one time, at scrap camp?โ€

    I’m not sure I want to know what you did with that ruler and hole punch…………. ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. and I don’t need to know where that piece of ribbon has been either

  17. Picked Master 6 up again today.

  18. Saw your friend with the glasses who scrapped with us that night.

  19. so how long is she gone for?

  20. a couple of days you say?

  21. “so this one time, at scrap camp……… I managed to stick my boobs together with double sided tape”

  22. “and this one time, at scrap camp…….. I gave myself a glitter heart tattoo by mistake”

  23. ” and this one time, at scrap camp…… I slipped and put a fancy paperclip through my bellybutton”

  24. ROFL !!!!!!!

    “and this one time, at scrap camp ….. I hole punched the table cloth until it became a doily.”

  25. “and this one time, at scrap camp …. I stamped a wall so it looked like wall paper.”

  26. “and this one time, at scrap camp…….. I scrapped my hubby a whole book full of porn”

  27. “and this one time, at scrap camp…….. I ridged all my children’s ears and called them ‘Ruffles'”


    I was a real domestic Goddess last night. I scrapped while Mr S watched the rugby.

    Richie looked very hot doing the haka with rain pouring down him. Hot damn !!!

  29. So…… now off on holiday with the kids for a couple of days…..


  30. Are you going to post me a HH tomorrow???

    Don’t study, find a yummy man online…

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